汇款详情 Banking Information

What is the requirement for application?

For those who are interest in the Eastern Arts and support for our association objectives, are welcomed to apply.

How to make Payment?

The new membership applicant  can direct bank in to Cao Tang Men official bank account and submite the payment slip as the prove together with the e-form.

What is the Bank Account Number?

Cao Tang Men has only one official bank account which is by Public Bank, account number is: 3134 2949 10

with the name “Cao Tang Men Eastern Arts Society (M)”

Can I make the payment after submission of the application form?

In fact, only the paid applicants are proceed to committee meeting for approval. The fund will be returned if your application is rejected.

However, for those who have problem with online banking, you still may first submit your application and leave us a message with your special request. We may contact you for alternative payment method.