艺术家名字/ Artist Name: 张财 CHONG CHOY


This small artwork, crafted in conjunction with rubbings from ancient seals, incorporates the vibrant colors of life and the beauty of blossoming flowers in the backdrop. Carved by stone-hard seals, this piece carries the hope for joyful and peaceful days ahead, reflecting the desire for a harmonious and auspicious future.

书、画、篆刻艺术工作者。 生于柔佛古来小镇,常自号 “古来人”。 1994年 毕业于新加坡南洋艺术学院 草堂门⾦⽯书画会副会长 马来西亚书艺协会评审委员员 新加坡啸涛篆刻书画会理事 古来“一方画室”主人

A practitioner of calligraphy, painting and seal engraving. Born in the small town of Kulai, Johor, often referred to as “Kulai Ren”. Graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore in 1994. Vice President of the Cao Tang Men Eastern Arts Society. Member of the Examination Committee of the Malaysian Calligraphy Association. Director of the Singapore Xiaotao Seal Engraving and Painting Association. Owner of Yifang Studio in Kulai.


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