艺术家名字/ Artist Name: 黎潮湘 LAI TIEW SEONG


作品1-得利 – 意思是受益,华人传统喜欢好意头,期望新年有能得利,万事能得利
“Prosperity” – Signifying benefiting or gaining, in accordance with the Chinese tradition of seeking auspicious beginnings in the hope of prospering and achieving success in the coming year.



黎潮湘,又署南湘子,湘子,阿湘。早年自学,后进修香港 沧江艺文学院,函授中国画山水科及刘春草水墨画研习营等。1998年末随谢忝宋老师习水墨画。

Lai Tiew Seong, also known as Nanxiangzi, Xiangzi, or Ah Xiang, embarked on a journey of self-study in his early years. He later pursued further education at the Cangjiang Academy of Arts and Literature in Hong Kong, where he undertook distance learning courses in Chinese landscape painting and attended Liu Chuncao’s ink painting workshops. Towards the end of 1998, he had the privilege of learning ink painting under the guidance of Dr. Cheah Thien Soong.
Currently, he holds the position of Vice President at the Cao Tang Men Eastern Arts Society (Malaysia). He is also a member of the Malaysia Artists Association and the Malaysia Ink Painting Association.

Since 1983, he has actively participated in art exhibitions, totaling 33 exhibitions to date, spanning across Malaysia, China, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, and more. He has been the recipient of several prestigious awards in both domestic and international ink painting competitions, including the championship in the “1st National Ink Painting Competition” in Malaysia, the “Beijing World Chinese Art Exhibition,” the “Hunan 99 Yan Emperor Cup International Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition” in China, and the “2017 Hong Kong Global 500 Ink Painting Exhibition.”

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