艺术家名字/ Artist Name: 源淑芳 YOON SOOK FONG


作品说明 : 《小门神》Little Door Guardians


Traditional Chinese Door Guardians to ward off evil spirits
Door guardians/ Door gods (menshen) paintings are one of the oldest paintings in Chinese folk art. Every household will post door guardians/door gods on the eve of the Spring Festival/Chinese Lunar New Year to ward off evil spirits, protect the home, and pray for blessings. The door guardians/ door gods painting carry the mythical imagination and beautiful wishes of the Chinese people for thousands of years. The earliest door guardians /door gods are undoubtedly “Shen Tu” and “Yulei”. After thousands of years of inheritance, the image of the door god has had different appearances in different eras and regions. Until today, it is still constantly being updated with new ideas, but its core functions are “guarding and blessing”.


源淑芳1971年出生于槟城乔治市。毕业于马来西亚艺术学院平面设计, 马来西亚槟榔艺术学院油画系。
创意设计机构的创办人之一,任职创意设计美术指导多年经验。参加过马来西亚,澳大利亚,韩国,越南,北京 – 中国,蒙古、青岛和台湾的国内与海外国际联展。

世界女艺术家协会委员会(INWAC)秘书 、

Yoon Sook Fong, Born in Georgetown, Penang, 1971. Completed Graphic Design diploma in Malaysia Institute of Arts; Studio Art in Conservatory of Fine Arts in Malaysia. One of the founders of the creative design agency, she has many years of experience as a creative design art director. Participated in local and international group exhibitions in Malaysia, Australia, Korea, Vietnam, Beijing – China, Shanghai – China, QingDao – China, Mongolia and Taiwan.
Her works theme mostly are figurative painting include mediums with acrylic and watercolor, research and creation of Nanyang calligraphy and painting. In recent years, she has explored modern ink painting and discovered the beauty of oriental art.

chairperson of Malaysia Women Artists Association
secretary of International Women Art Council
member of Asia Artists Association Malaysia
member of Malaysia Institute of Arts Alumni
committee member of Cao Tang Men Eastern Art Society

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