艺术家名字/ Artist Name:曾添才 CHAN THIM CHOY


-1995 年毕业于马来西亚艺术学院纯美术系水墨画科毕业
-1999 年 荣获菲力·摩利斯(Philip Morris)“马来西亚绘画创作奖”。
创作想法 :在我创作过程中,特别重视画面上的视觉效果配合生活上的情绪、思维表现出绘

  • 1995 Graduated from Malaysia Institute of Art ,Deparment of Fine Art major Chinese Ink Painting
  • 1999 Major Award The Philip Morris Group of Companies: Malaysia Art Awards 1999.
  • Art teacher Chong Hwa independent high school Kuala Lumpur

Chan Thim Choy during years of creating route, to make a better visual effect, the feelings, emotions and kinds of thinking styles come across in daily life have been fully expressed in the painting art. These creative forms bring me the impact to pursue a better tomorrow.

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