艺术家名字/ Artist Name: 符媄琪 HOO MAY CHEE


大富贵 Great Prosperity

自古以来,牡丹寓意富贵圆满,题上甲骨文“龙”字, 双牡丹祝愿家家户户2024甲辰龙年大富大贵,诸事圆满,双喜临门。

Throughout history, peonies symbolise prosperity and satisfactory success. When drawn with an oracle-bone character dragon , the twin peonies wish every family great prosperity, double blessing and good wishes that would be fulfilled in the year of the dragon 2024.


Seal: “A Universe in a Flower”, “May Chee”.


2021 年起,其书画作品入选组织机构收藏,包括中国徐悲鸿画院、中国名家联合书画艺术院及新加坡美术总会等。

Kuala Lumpur based artist, Hoo May Chee, initially a Chinese calligraphy art lover, infuses her painting skills with her calligraphy, bringing about a perfect marriage of her two passions.
In her early days, she was under the tutelage of Chin Yuen Seam and Yee Sze Fook in calligraphy. Now, she’s under the tutelage of Ha Chan Kee and 3 tutors of Wu-hen Oriental Arts. In painting, her tutors are Malaysian renowned artists, Dr. Cheah Thien Soong and Quah See Hoong. In her pursuit of art now, she’s also under the tutelage of Dr. Foo Yong Kong who is a renowned calligrapher and painter.
Currently, she’s a member of the Cao Tang Men Eastern Arts Society, the Nanyang Arts Research Society and the Malaysian Contemporary Chinese Painting & Calligraphy Association.
2021 was fruitful as it was the beginning of her journey in her art career. Her artworks have been selected as part of the collection of China’s official organisations, including China Xu Beihong Academy of Painting and China Famous Artists United Painting & Calligraphy Arts Institute, as well as Federation of Art Societies Singapore.

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