花开富贵 –  世界级口琴家张雅诰老师吹奏牡丹之歌,牡丹花飘香沁入琴韵中。

“Peony Harmony”:

“Flowers and Prosperity” – Accompanied by the world-renowned harmonica virtuoso, Teacher Chong Ah Kow, playing the enchanting melody of the peony, the fragrance of peonies permeates the musical notes.

张桂娃 𠆤人简介 (Janet Teo )

多次受邀及入选国内外艺术团体美术作品大展。 擅长画牡丹花。
2018 – “我梦想的马来西亚” 全国绘画比赛之优秀奖
2020 – 拍卖销售 Wells Auction
2021 – 中国徐悲鸿画院美术馆成立三十周年国际水墨画展 ,作品同时获收藏
2022 – 为马来西亚华人文化协会筹款,现场表演义画牡丹图并由总会长/ 国际口琴家张雅诰老师同时伴奏.

Janet Teo
-An artist major in peony flower paintings, has been invited and participated many local and international exhibitions, organized by various art institutions.
2018, artwork entered the “Dream Malaysia” National Painting Competition, won the Excellence Award.
2020, artwork sold at Wells Auction.
2021, artwork exhibited in the 30th-anniversary international ink painting exhibition, Xu Beihong Art Academy Museum, Beijing, China, and, the artwork subsequently came under the museum collection.
2022, artwork contributed for fundraising, organized by the Malaysian Chinese Cultural Association, performing an on-site painting of peonies, synchronized with Mr. Chong Ah Kow, the MCC Association’s President cum internationally renowned harmonica player.

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