开创人 : 谢忝宋博士

缘起 :

草堂门缘自谢忝宋之春草堂,延续MlA90年开始的〈全国水墨画统一考试课程〉编著6册课本,12年的运动,后草堂门的推动至今。草堂门于2005年成立。春草是四季之始,寓意草堂天天如春天。更希望草堂的小草不断长成壮大,走出草堂发扬光大。并引用唐朝大诗人及书法家,“诗圣” 杜甫的杜甫草堂为典范,以其简朴、平实、亲切感为中心思想。



活动内容 :

小草,是平凡而卑小的植物,周而复始的以其碧绿鲜活的色彩点缀着大自然, 为大地增添生机, 且有着永不衰竭的原动力.


春草绵延 ,  绿野无边.

生生不息 ,  延延不绝.



AboutCao Tang Men

The Cao Tang Men Eastern Arts Society (Malaysia)(refer as “CTM”) was established in the year 2005 by our founder, Dr. Cheah Thien Soong. Its name originated from his studio, “Chun Cao Tang” (Family of Spring Grass or Thatched Cottage”)

In 1990, the Malaysian Institute of Arts established “The National Ink Painting Unified Examination”. It also compiled six textbooks for students sitting for this examination.

When the Malaysian Institute of Arts terminated this course 12 years later, Cao Tang Men was established to continue the task of promoting Chinese art. 18 years after its establishment, Cao Tang Men is still active.

As its name suggests, spring grass flourishes during the first season of each year, reflecting the day-by-day blossoming of CTM. The CTM refers to the setting up of a place where its members (little grass) can flourish in a hall where the season is always Spring.

CTM hopes that every little grass will grow well and continue to promote the CTM arts culture widely.

The concept of Cao Tang is cited from the well-known artist and prominent poet named Du-Fu(712-770) who lived during the Tang Dynasty in China. He was chosen as a role model because of his principle of simplicity, plainness and amiability. CTM hopes to follow Du-Fu’s method of using a simple, ordinary, and warm approach to encourage and help our young and budding artists.

CTM offers a conducive artistic ambience where the artists can gather to learn from one another and to explore and develop their own potentials so that they can walk out of this hall as great and successful artists.

The objectives of the Society:
(1) To provide a teacher-and-student platform to promote good relationships and networking under one big artistic family.
(2) To promote the traditional art of Chinese ink painting and calligraphy to our youths and to strive to create a local artistic style that can be distinctly identified with this region.
(3) To contribute extensively to the arts industry in Malaysia.

Core Activities:
(1) To promote and to organize national level Chinese painting and calligraphy art workshops and camps.
(2) To hold an Art Exhibition annually for members to exhibit their artworks.
(3) To hold meetings once every six months for members to discuss ways to develop and to improve the arts.
(4) To organize occasional art trips overseas for members.

Although the little blades of grass may appear weak and small, it is a remarkable and unassuming life form, filled with robust and enduring vitality. This natural and everlasting force also adds colour and enhances its surrounding environment. Its rigorous and tireless growth embodies the strength of nature.

Spring grass grows boundlessly. Its life is endless because it is resilient.


“Spring grass stretches limitless, endless rigorous green.

Strong endless life, extending without break.”


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